Un progetto per le scuole primarie di Kosti.
Sostegno all'Educazione - Kosti, SUDAN
7 novembre 2013 - Ecco la relazione del progetto (in inglese), appena inviataci dal missionario comboniano, p. Godfrey, parroco di Kosti, comprendente un dettagliato resoconto economico in valuta locale, equivalente al valore del contributo inviato a giugno del 2012 dalla Fondazione Nigrizia Onlus di €.15.000.

Fr. Onesmas Godfrey Otieno (mccj)

St. Paul’s Parish Kosti,

P.O.Box 83, 

Kosti , SUDAN.



Fondazione Nigrizia

Vicolo Pozzo 1

37129 Verona VR.

Report: Education Project: Kindergartens’ and Lower Primary Classes St. Paul's Parish Kosti.  Academic Year 2012-2013



St. Paul’s Parish Kosti has been having the kindergarten program as one of its commitment in the field of education. The previous academic year 2011-2012 witnessed a lot of changes as a result of self determination journey in the CPA that led to the referendum and eventually the secession of South Sudan. The changes brought to surface many questions as to what people think of our schools and an opportunity to renew our commitment in education and devise new methods fitting to our times. It emerged for instance that many looked at our schools as for Christians only which is not the case.

While until two years ago we had 7 kindergartens and 5 pre-primary classes, last year academic year we had only three kindergartens classes with a total number of 90 pupils. It is our hope to continue with our commitment in education. 

Many of pupils who benefit from this project are from poor families; our centres are situated at the outskirts of Kosti. The schools around these areas are usually congested having an average of about 90 pupils in a class.



The total number of pupils in the last academic year was 159. Most of the beneficiaries are from poor families. The local contribution was mainly through the payment of school fees that amount to 9,220 SDG. We proceeded with the initiative of increasing the school fees and in this past year we reached at 150SDG for the whole year. The challenge still remained many families do not as yet value education and grumble about school fees payment even when our amount asked in our kindergartens.  The parent opted to pay in three instalments n are appreciated where mostly there is were from among the poor families among whom were the internally displaced peoples situated at the out skirts of Kosti town. Our objective still remains to be provision of education to all children from all faiths, religions and ethnic groups.

Training of the new teachers

Until 2years ago we had 17 teachers, with the events of separation they all travelled back to the south and we had no otherwise but to train new ones.  Those who left had a long experience of work. Towards the end of the last academic year, foreseeing the departure of our teachers, we started looking for new possible teachers.

A nine month contract was signed with all the teachers as from 1st July 2012- 31st March 2013 for the academic year.

The seven new teachers attended training organised by the ministry of education for kindergarten teachers in Kosti, the training was for 21days and each one obtained a certificate recognised by the ministry. Two meetings with the Parish priest took place during the training for follow up.

The topics covered include: lesson planning, yearly, daily and monthly schedule preparation, presentation of the kindergartens’ curriculum, some basic skill of education, the role of parents in the education, the need of the children, stages of growth, religion etc.

They too participated in three days workshop organised in Khartoum by the Comboni sisters for new kindergarten teachers. There were 16 participants and Sr. Margaret a student of Affad University final year was the main facilitator. Among the topics they learned included some Montesori skills in early childhood education.


At the end of  September 2013, we have a remaining balance of 1,075.77 SDG. We are grateful for all you do to make of this world a better place especially for the poor and most abandoned. Be assured of our prayers for you.




Statement of Receipts and Expenditure

for the period from 1st July 2012 to 30 September 2013



Fondazione Nigrizia (15,000Euro rate 6.4SDG)



Local contribution - School fees Collection



Total Income



Total of expenditures



Credit balance



I. Staff costs


Salaries for teachers



Extra teachers (replacement, teachers by days, etc.)



Other workers ( cleaners)



Retirement, gratuities, labour office taxes



Social Ins. 17% for 8 teachers of Kosti



II. Recurrent programme expenditure

Maintenance and repair of classrooms


New classrooms in permanent and semi-perm. material


Repair of existing furniture, office equipments


New furniture


Teaching materials (textbooks, stationaries, etc)



Scholarship of 12 needy children



Teachers courses





Total Expenditure